Jan 18, 2007
Unprecedented Alliance of Health Care Leaders Announces Historic Agreement...
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The Health Coverage Coalition for the Uninsured

A diverse coalition of 16 leading, national health care organizations -- the Health Coverage Coalition for the Uninsured (HCCU) -- have come together to forge a historic agreement that would significantly expand health coverage for America's nearly 47 million uninsured.

The members of the Coalition represent consumers, the business community, insurers, hospitals, physicians, and pharmaceutical companies. These influential organizations that have played leading roles in every federal health policy debate of the last 30 years -- often on opposing sides -- are committed to pressing lawmakers to act on their historic, two-phased proposal that could cut the number of America's uninsured in half.

For the first time, the groups forged consensus on an agreement that sets aside political and ideological differences to expand coverage for America's uninsured. Read more about auto insurance coverage from American Insurance. At a time when the American public wants bipartisan, responsive government, the agreement represents a fully balanced public and private approach to help cover the country's uninsured.