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Choosing between Private Health Insurance and Group Coverage

Choosing between private health insurance and group health insurance coverage usually comes down to one issue: availability. If you have group coverage available to you, you’d be crazy not to take it if you need health insurance.

The big advantage to group coverage is that it leverages the power of numbers to bring down costs. Since insurers are guaranteed a certain number of customers, including many who are young and healthy, they give better rates to the Continue Reading »

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How Your Medical Care Improves When You Are Insured

The drudgery of obtaining health insurance can often make it easy to overlook the innumerable benefits that a medical plan guarantees. It is crucially important to remember that the bureaucratic hassle is completely worthwhile. The positive potential of well-rounded insurance coverage is immeasurable. Here are a few examples of how health insurance boosts the quality of medical care.

During emergency health situations, every moment is significant. Determining available financial options for someone in dire need of medical attention can consume decisive time. It also induces unnecessary stress for the patient, which is traumatically detrimental to the processes of recovery.Want Continue Reading »

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The Top Four Companies That Sell Health Insurance

Health insurance has been a hot topic in the news lately. Millions of people simply do not have health care coverage. If they get sick and need to see a doctor, many of them simply don’t go. This is a major concern for the government and state officials. There are top insurance companies that won’t sell insurance to people at a cheaper rate. The government is trying to change this fact. Affordable health care should Continue Reading »

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The Correlation of Insurance and Access to Health Care

Health insurance is a hot-button issue these days, especially with the impending implementation of the Affordable Care Act.” One of the main purposes of the act, commonly known as “Obamacare,” is to give access to health insurance to more people, which should help improve their access to health care.

When people don’t have insurance, they may lack access to health care or have that access restricted.

The first reason is obvious: many healthcare providers won’t see patients without insurance. Though critical care facilities such as hospitals have to Continue Reading »

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What to Know about Being Uninsured and Hospitalized

Medical insurance is a bill that many people hate to pay month after month. They’re doling out money and often seemingly getting nothing in return. However, those who have no insurance often wish that they did when they have a medical emergency.

If you have a sudden injury or illness requiring hospitalization, you will not be refused treatment on the grounds of having no insurance. However, if you are responsible for the payments yourself, they are likely to be astronomical, even if the hospital reduces the charges for your sake. You Continue Reading »

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The Five Top Dangers of Being Uninsured

Going without insurance, whether it be health insurance, auto insurance or life insurance, is dangerous. Here are the top 5 dangers of being uninsured.

1. Loss of an asset
If you fail to keep insurance on your home or car, you could be faced with the loss of use of the asset if it’s damaged. A fire-damaged home or a weather-damaged car could be unusable if you have no insurance and can’t afford to pay to have it fixed.

2. Financial liability
Having no insurance can leave you on the hook for costs if you cause Continue Reading »